The Notebook - REWIND
No More Late FeesJune 24, 2024x
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The Notebook - REWIND

Grab your tissues (and maybe some popcorn for Jackie)! This week on the No More Late Fees podcast we're rewinding time to revisit the Nicholas Sparks tearjerker, The Notebook, for its 20th anniversary! Joining us for this emotional rollercoaster is our dear friend Christina, but as you might know, Jackie... isn't exactly a fan. Get ready for a hilarious and heartfelt deep dive into the world of Noah and Allie, dissecting their passionate (and sometimes frustrating) love story. Will Jackie finally admit she secretly loves The Notebook? Will Danielle love it even more the second time around? Will Christina shed another tear (or two)? Tune in to find out! Whether you're a die-hard fan or a skeptic like Jackie, this episode is sure to be a entertaining and thought-provoking rewatch of a modern classic.

Starring: Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, James Garner, Gena Rowlands, James Marsden, Kevin Connolly, Sam Shepard, and Joan Allen 

Directed by: Nick Cassavetes

Season 4 Episode 12


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