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No More Late Fees is a movie podcast hosted by Jackie Conley and Danielle Clarke. The hosts have been friends for over two decades and used to work at Blockbuster Video together. They created their nostalgic podcast in April 2021, focusing on the late 90s and early 2000s to reminisce on their Blockbuster heydays and bring their listeners joy and laughter. In each episode, they provide a rating that their Y2K selves would have given the featured movie and then compare it to the ratings their current selves would give. The podcast has resonated so much with its audience that they were notably selected as 2021 Discover Pods Awards finalists.

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Just a couple of nostalgia loving besties


Danielle Clarke 

This half of the No More Late Fees dynamic duo started her career path in science at Florida A&M University and quickly navigated into the fast-paced world of marketing. Over the years, Danielle has spent most of her life between the city that never sleeps and the sunshine state. As a Brooklyn native, she has a need for authenticity and calls it as she sees it. 

Danielle has always had a passion for movies and the connections they build between people. When she's not enjoying recording and creating content for the podcast, Danielle enjoys game nights with friends, traveling, and of course, going to the movies.


Jackie Conley

Jackie was born in Mesa, Arizona, and grew up in the Bay Area of California as well as in South Florida! Jackie attended Florida Atlantic University where she received a bachelor's degree in Media Studies: Film and Video in 2006. Working her way through college, Jackie was employed at Blockbuster Video for 7.5 years.

In her spare time, Jackie enjoys trivia and creating content for her podcast! She also loves exploring craft breweries with her husband Ken, traveling, and making trips to Disney. Jackie is also a loyal Harry Potter fan and even named her 2 cats Narcissa Malfoy and Draco Malfoy!

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Spiderman 2
June 17, 2024x
01:49:25100.17 MB

Spiderman 2

Join us for a web-tacular episode as we team up with our favorite movie buddies, Mike & Mike from "Mike & Mike Go to the Movies"! This week, we're diving deep into the world of Spider-Man 2, dissecting the film's iconic moments, debating the power (or pitfalls) of superher...

Rise of the Underdog: Defending Unsung Heroes with Andrew
June 14, 202400:23:0421.12 MB

Rise of the Underdog: Defending Unsung Heroes with Andrew

This week, Jackie and Danielle welcome their friend and enthusiastic supporter, Andrew, who is also known for his love of karaoke. The trio recounts how Jackie and Andrew met as coworkers, bonded over their mutual connections, and became close friends.  Along the way, they discuss the challenges ...

June 10, 2024x
01:28:0980.71 MB


Ready for a laughter workout? It's time to dust off your gym shorts and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 2004 cult classic, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story! Joining Jackie and Danielle for this epic throwdown is their pal Andrew. They're diving deep into the film's legacy and reco...


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OMG, yes to this podcast! Jackie and Danielle are hilarious. It is so clear that they love doing this together, which makes it all the more fun to laugh along. :) It’s great to see co-hosts that sincerely enjoy clownin’ around with each other and their guests. We need more of that out here. They had me out of breath la...

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So we take a trip back to the golden age of cinema, where we're not sure if Movies were actually great or we were just stupid kids when we watched them originally. Jackie and Danielle talk us on a trip down memory lane as we remember some of the hits, some of the misses and a few of the "I forgot that existed." Clean a...

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No More Late Fees is a podcast made for me and my generation. Listening through their Halloween H20 episode, I was brought back to the days of my friends and I perusing the horror section of our local Blockbuster every weekend (or every other day during the summer and holiday breaks). Danielle and Jackie are engaging a...

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