Camp Nowhere REWIND
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Camp Nowhere REWIND

Calling all 90s kids who dreamt of ditching summer camp (and their parents)! This week, we're packing our fake IDs and unhealthy 90s snacks for a nostalgic rewatch of the 1994 classic Camp Nowhere! Get ready to relive the hilarious (and slightly disastrous) adventures of our favorite unsupervised teens as they create their own camp, complete with questionable leadership (Dennis Van Welker, we're looking at you!) and epic pranks. We'll be dissecting the unbelievable plot, the iconic cast, and yes, there might be some confusion between Jonathan Jackson and Joshua Jackson for half the episode (blame it on camp fever!). So, grab your best friends, dust off your fanny packs, and join us for a hilarious trip down memory lane with Camp Nowhere!

Starring: Christopher Lloyd, Jonathan Jackson, Wendy Makkena, M. Emmet Walsh, Andrew Keegan, Marnette Patterson, Melody Kay, Allison Mack, Jessica Alba, Genie Francis, Jonathan Frakes and Thomas F. Wilson

Directed by: Jonathan Prince

·Season4 Episode 13·

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