90's Costume Inspo With Zack
No More Late FeesFebruary 08, 202400:22:2120.48 MB

90's Costume Inspo With Zack

This week Jackie and Danielle are joined by their amazing pal, Zack, as they delve into nostalgic reflections on "Get Over It" and their recurring trend of discussing Kirsten Dunst movies whenever Zack is part of the conversation.

The conversation transitions to updates on Zach's endeavors as well as navigating TikTok during a strike. The hosts surprise Zach with a blind ranking of 90s-themed Halloween costumes, resulting in humorous assessments.

They explore the topic of dream 90s celebrities to attend boarding school with, leading to amusing choices and potential adventures.

The episode wraps up with Zach providing blockbuster recommendations: "To Wong Fu, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar," "That Thing You Do," and "Josie and the Pussycats." 

For more laughs, follow Zach on Instagram (@themightyzach) and TikTok (@zachyquackytacky).

Don't forget to stay tuned for their upcoming episode on "All I Want to Do."

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